New York Solar Installation

Sea Bright Solar

Since 2003, our team at Sea Bright Solar has dedicated ourselves to providing the best possible services to our customers. We handle solar installation in New York with a focus on always making sure our customers are satisfied with the job we perform. There are so many benefits to installing solar panels on your home or business. When it comes to solar, you are not only improving your energy emissions and saving the planet, but you are also able to save money by cutting down or eliminating the monthly utility bills that can normally reach expensive levels.

We are a BBB® accredited company that has been recognized for our dedication to excellence. We offer a free consultation during which we can come out with our design consultant, explain the type of solar power system that will fit your home or business needs, determine the space needed for the panels, and provide you with an idea of how much it will cost. You shouldn't worry about price, though; after a relatively short period of time, the solar panels will essentially pay for themselves.

Incentives in New York for Installing Solar

With solar, you not only save money and save the planet, but you can also qualify for various incentives offered by the state, as well as federal incentives. These make it so you save even more when installing solar. Like many programs, you may feel confused and worried because you might have to look them up as well as the qualifications. This isn't the case. We can assist with all of the paperwork involved, look up rebates, and explain how the incentives benefit you.

Some incentives for New York solar panel owners include:

Recognized & Respected in the Industry

From start to finish, you as the customer are our top priority. We take the time to make sure you receive the system that fits your energy needs. Many people are afraid to consider solar because they don't know if they can afford it or they are hesitant to start the process. You shouldn't have to worry. To ease your concerns, we offer financing and purchasing options, including zero down, as well as warranties on parts and installation. We also guide you throughout the entire process from the sale, to obtaining permits, to installing your solar panels, to post-installation maintenance and service. We are your full-service, turnkey solar company.

At Sea Bright Solar, we do solar right. Call us at (718) 395-6725 to discover the difference.