New Jersey Commercial Solar

Serving New Jersey with a Commitment to Excellence

Our team at Sea Bright Solar specializes in the sales, design, installation, monitoring, and maintenance of commercial solar energy systems. Whether you are financing or leasing, your company can significantly reduce or even eliminate your current utility bill. In fact, in just a short amount of time, your system can pay for itself through tax credits and depreciation benefits that are available only to commercial customers.

With our New Jersey commercial solar installation, you can benefit from:

  • Lower operating expense by reducing or eliminating your utility bill
  • Yield a fast return on investment
  • Significantly reduce your tax liability
  • Provide long-term financial savings for more than 30 years

Learn more about the benefits of solar and call (732) 253-4052 to request your free, consultation today.

Why Choose Solar for Your Brand?

When Sea Bright Solar installs your new commercial solar energy system, your company can brand itself as "green" by utilizing alternative energy and reducing your company's carbon footprint. Solar makes a bold statement that your company is confident it will remain in business for the long haul and demonstrates that you care about the environment for future generations.

With solar installation, you can:

  • Project an image of innovation
  • Brand your company with a green identity
  • Instill a sense of pride within your company

Give us a call and let us help you schedule a complimentary site evaluation. When you're ready to move forward, we'll help you obtain financing and explain the purchasing options available to you, including our zero-down option. Our NJ solar installation specialists can handle all the required inspection, incentive, permit, and rebate paperwork and processing. Your only task will be to enjoy your new commercial solar energy system as it saves your company money, brands a positive image, and generates clean energy for years to come.

Don't hesitate to enter the new solar initiative. Call us at (732) 253-4052.

"I have never once regretted getting my solar power unit from Sea Bright Solar. It has already paid for itself. They did a great job painstakingly installing the system, explaining stuff & helping me collect my annual SRECs. You could not ask for a better company or nicer people to work with. It is a thrill to see my meter twirling backwards. I interviewed other co. for a solar installation but Sea Bright Solar was the most sincere, most knowledgeable & least “hard sell” & hype. If you want solar, I would recommend to only go with Sea Bright. I am very happy with the system & working with them." - Suzanne D.