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Make the smart choice of switching to solar, and indulge in the bountiful benefits for years to come!

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"Sea Bright Solar has been spectacular! Sea Bright Solar takes care of everything relating to the solar panels, from installation to managing my SREC. The savings has been significant. Sea Bright Solar makes everything easy and stress-free. It is really nice to have such significant savings without going to any extra work on my part. Thank you Sea Bright Solar!" -Nancy M.

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Our team also offers qualified customers zero-down options so they can begin the process without having to pay any money upfront. They can also have peace of mind knowing we offer various warranties on their solar systems, so they are covered if something goes wrong. At Sea Bright Solar, we do solar right. When you work with us, you will benefit from high-quality service and the best products available in the industry.

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How Can Solar Benefit Me?

You may have heard stories about solar power. Whether they are good or bad opinions, it’s not a bad idea to conduct your own research about the benefits of going solar to determine if it is the right option for you. At the end of the day, we believe homeowners and business owners will be satisfied with the difference they see once solar power is installed.

By installing solar panels, you may benefit from:

  • Reduced utility bills
  • Better energy use for the environment
  • Savings over the lifetime of your system
  • Federal and state incentives to make you more money

You know how much energy you use in your own home or business and you often know how expensive the bills can get. You can dramatically cut - or even eliminate - the costs of utility bills. Over time, the solar power system essentially pays for itself with the amount of money you can save each month, the incentives, and the tax credit.

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You don't have to wait to switch your home or business to solar. We guide you throughout the entire process, even handling the paperwork of obtaining permits and submitting your rebates to get your tax credits. Our New Jersey solar power installation experts have been trusted by numerous clients and we encourage you to let us show you the Sea Bright Solar difference.

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