Frequently Asked Questions


When it comes to solar, there are several people who may not understand the specifics. This is understandable as solar starts to go up on many homes and businesses throughout the nation. People are curious about learning the new trend and determining if they should join the movement.

At SunPower by Sea Bright Solar, our New Jersey and New York solar installation team wants you to know what to expect throughout the entire process. Because of this, we take the time to answer all the questions our customers have. We know there may be many other things you are wondering, but below we provide some of the most common questions we receive and the answers to these questions.

How much does solar cost?

There is no exact number when it comes to the cost of solar power. Each home and business is different, so the price will be different. There are a number of factors that we take into consideration such as how much energy you need, how much space you have for installation, your choice of solar panels, and more. Don't worry, though. We offer a free consultation so you can have a better idea up front.

What size solar system do I need?

We'll determine this during the evaluation. Our design consultant will be on hand to provide you with a good idea of what system you would need to fit the space available and help you meet your energy goals.

How do I save money by installing solar energy in NJ or NY?

Because solar power uses energy from the sun, you can reduce the amount you pay on utility bills each month - you may even be able to eliminate this bill completely. Over the life of the solar panels, they essentially pay for themselves, and then some so you can be sure you are saving money in the long-term. Discover the benefits of going solar today!

What are some incentives of installing solar?

Each state provides homeowners and business owners with different incentives when they install solar panels, including both New York and New Jersey. There are also federal incentives that may be available. For instance, there may be a tax credit available to you. Or in some cases, you may be exempt from property taxes for a number of years. This can end up making you money when all is said and done.

How long does the solar installation project take?

Normally, we can get through the entire process between 10 and 12 weeks. This includes everything that needs to be done, as well as the installation and inspection. There may be other situations that could change this timeline.

Do I have to do anything after I sign up for solar panel installation?

Nope. We assist with everything you're going to need. This means we can help with the application process, paperwork for permits, seek any possible rebates, determine incentives available to you, help with interconnection agreements, install the solar panels, and setup inspection. We are even available for post-installation maintenance.

What happens if my solar energy system is messed up?

Sea Bright Solar provides warranties by partnering with some the leading companies in the industry. This includes the manufacturer's warranties on panels, solar racks, and inverters, and our very own warranty on installation. We keep your solar power system operational and you never have to worry about spending money if something goes wrong.

What are my options for my solar system when I sell my house?

Entering into a solar lease doesn’t forbid you from moving in any way; it simply adds a couple of steps to your home sale process. When you move, you have a couple of options for dealing with the lease: buying it out completely, or assigning it to your buyers. You may wish to negotiate an agreement regarding which option is best with your buyers before getting too heavily involved in the sale process.

Lease Assignment
Assigning your lease is essentially transferring it to your buyer and having them assume responsibility for it, usually done as part of the sale of the home. If you wish to transfer the lease, your buyer must undergo a credit check with SunPower® and then agree to assume the transfer of the lease. If they do not pass for some reason, you have a couple of options: work with SunPower® to provide additional documentation that shows the ability to take over the lease, or buy the lease outright (more on that in a second). Once this credit check is passed, SunPower® will prepare an escrow package and submit it to your escrow company. Buyers cannot terminate the lease, nor can they have the equipment removed while the lease is active.

Lease Purchase
Purchasing your lease is essentially buying out the remaining balance due outright and assuming full ownership of your solar panel system. This gives you the ability to essentially do with it as you please since you are no longer bound by the terms of your lease. Buying out your solar panel lease requires that you submit a 30-day notice of home sale to SunPower®, who will then work with you to complete the buyout process. Once the purchase is complete, SunPower® will transfer the title over to you or your escrow company to be included in the full transfer of your home upon closing.

Moving Your Panels
Is it possible to simply dismantle your system and move it with you to your new home? If your lease is still active, no. Unfortunately, federal and local regulations both forbid leased panel systems from being removed. However, if you buyout your lease and obtain the title to your solar panel system, you can choose to bring your panels with you. However, any moving expenses, including dismantling your system, packing it, transporting it, and then re-installing it, will be your responsibility. Furthermore, the panel system that was right for your current home may not be an ideal fit for your new home. Talk to a solar expert from Sea Bright Solar before considering this option. For more information, click here.

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