Solar Incentives in New Jersey & New York

Let Sunpower® by Sea Bright Solar Help you Take Advantage of Them!

When it comes to clean, renewable energy, the New York and New Jersey area is a great place to be. Both state governments have instituted a number of programs that are designed to help people all across the state reduce their dependency on fossil fuels and instead take advantage of the plentiful solar energy around them by reducing the cost to switch.

If you’ve been considering switching but have concerns about the cost of doing so, the New York and New Jersey solar experts at Sunpower® by Sea Bright Solar can help you take advantage of as many of these incentives as possible. We believe that clean, renewable solar energy is the way of the future, and with the amount of financial assistance and relief available, now is the best time to switch!

Federal Incentives

The federal government has strongly encouraged Americans everywhere to consider investing in solar energy as a way of improving our greenhouse gas emissions and reducing stress on our aging electrical grid infrastructure. These benefits are available to residents of all 50 states, and many of them can be utilized in addition to other benefits on the state and local level.

How can you qualify for a Federal Tax Credit of up to 30% of the cost of your installation? Find out here!

State Incentives

Both New York and New Jersey are among the most solar-friendly states in the nation. Both states have extensive renewable energy portfolios and each has implemented a number of programs and pieces of legislation designed to encourage home and business owners to switch over to renewable energy.

Click on a state to learn more about a few of the available programs:

Sea Bright Solar Incentives

Sunpower® by Sea Bright Solar also believes in setting ourselves apart from the rest by offering incentives and benefits that you’ll only find with us! While other installers can also help you with the state and federal incentives, Sea Bright Solar offers even more perks and benefits that nobody else can match!

Here’s why it pays to be a Sunpower® by Sea Bright Solar customer:

  • Credit Toward Your Lease/Purchase: From time to time we have credits for first-time solar buyers up to $500. Ask your solar consultant if this is available.
  • Referral bonuses: For every friend, relative, co-worker, or other person you refer to us who signs up, we’ll give you a $500 bonus!
  • Zero-percent financing: Our financing options are extremely flexible, including several zero-percent interest options.
  • Warranties: We back up all our installations with the full peace of mind you get from a Sunpower® system, including a 25-year warranty on all panels, solar racks, and inverters. We also back up the work we do, covering all installation and workmanship for ten years.
  • Solar parties: Sea Bright Solar customers can help spread word about the power of solar to their friends and family by hosting a Solar Party. We pay for the food and drinks you provide the friends and family. Solar for all!

Solar power can put more money back into your pocket both on your monthly utility bills and on your annual tax burden! Contact Sunpower® by Sea Bright Solar online now to learn how.

Furthermore, you can receive $500 with the lease or purchase of your solar system before Dec 31, 2018!