Should I Put Solar Panels on My House?


If you have been considering going solar, you may have several questions. Is it worth the cost? Will solar panels provide for all of your energy needs? Will solar panels work on your roof? In order to help you get a better idea of whether solar panels make sense for your home, browse through the following list of questions.

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How much sunlight does your roof receive?

Contact Sea Bright Solar to schedule a solar analysis with one of our New Jersey solar installation professionals to determine whether your roof will meet your energy needs. The more direct sunlight your roof receives, the more power your panels can generate. If your roof is less than optimally located, or is heavily shaded by trees, it may not receive enough sunlight despite the efficiency of the system. The solar analysis is provided free of charge and is a great first step to take when considering the switch to solar.

What kind of roof is on your home?

Solar panels operate optimally when they are paired with durable, strong roofing materials, like a standing seam metal, concrete tile, or composite or asphalt shingles. If you have a roof made of slate tiles, wood, or clay and mortar, you may still get solar panels, but you should select a solar installer with experience with these roof types. Sea Bright Solar has installed systems on all types of homes since 2003.

Should the roof of your home or business be replaced?

How old is your roof? If you are planning on installing solar panels, it may be best to replace your roof. These panels should be installed on roofs that are safe, in adequate condition, and those that will not need to be replaced in the near or foreseeable future. Keep in mind that the money you will save in energy costs with your new system will likely cover the expense of your re-roof in as few as five years following installation, so it is well worth it to complete the job correctly from the beginning.

How much is your energy bill?

When determining how much money you may be able to save with solar, you must start with your current energy bill. Typically, solar panels make the most financial sense for people whose energy bill exceeds $100 per month. Installing panels can reduce the amount you pay to your utility company (usually between 30% and 60% less), providing you with a significant return on your investment in installing the system. When you choose Sea Bright Solar, you can have a system installed for $0 down.

What is the climate like in your area?

Because solar panels capture both direct and indirect sunlight, it doesn’t matter if you live in a cloudy, rainy location or a location that regularly has hot, sunny days. However, if your area often experiences severe weather, you may have to opt for panels with a higher durability rating to protect them from damage against things like hail and ice sheets. We can help you determine which type of panel will best suit your project.

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