President Trump Proposes Solar-Powered Border Wall


One of President Donald Trump’s most controversial and contentious campaign promises was the construction of a wall along the Mexican border. Obtaining the funding to build this wall has been an insurmountable hurdle to this point for the President and his administration. However, the President recently introduced a new idea regarding the wall in an effort to help ease the massive financial cost: powering the wall with solar panels.

“One idea [President Trump] is looking at is a wall that would actually function as a solar panel to ultimately pay for itself,” said House Majority Whip Steve Scalise. He further added: “I'm glad he's being innovative and I'm fully supportive of helping him build the wall however we can legislatively. He is continuing to pursue every option to make sure it happens."

The proposed wall would cover an estimated 1,000 miles along the border between the United States and Mexico, giving plenty of opportunity for energy-producing solar panels to be installed. These panels could be used to power lights at night and any other additional security features. Any extra power produced could even be funneled into the electrical grid for nearby towns and cities. Should the project include solar panels, the border wall could easily become one of the largest single-project solar panel installation in history.

Whether the wall will ever actually be built is another question entirely, however. Currently, the project is estimated to cost roughly $20 billion, but the Trump administration reportedly only has about $20 million for it, about 1% of the total cost.

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