Can Solar Panels Help Me Save Water, Too?


Did you know that water is used to make the cars we drive, the clothes we wear, and the electricity which powers our homes?

It takes a substantial amount of water to produce many things Americans use every day. However, we have a say in saving our water resources. Solar power is considered water-friendly for a wide array of reasons, helping reduce water use significantly.

The following are four ways that solar panels save water:

  • Solar panels do not require water to produce power. Electric power plants use an enormous amount of water in order to cool them off. On the other hand, solar panels generate power without the need to be cooled by water.
  • Capturing energy from the sun does not directly require any water. Extracting and processing fossil fuels typically requires significant amounts of water. For example, when fossil fuel companies drill for natural gas and oil, they often inject high-pressure liquid into wells to “fracture” underground rocks in order for fuel to be extracted.
  • Creating solar panels is less water-intensive due to efficiency and recycling. While making solar panels involves some water usage, the industry implements smart manufacturing methods that minimize the water footprint and environmental impact. According to several studies, wind and solar panel technologies have, by far, the lowest water use.
  • Solar panels help local water districts improve management of water. Water utilities which treat drinking water typically spend a majority of their operating budget on energy. Water facilities powered by solar do not need to use as much electricity from water-incentive power plants.

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