Surging Tesla Supercharger Prices Make Solar Even More Attractive


While New York may be known as a city full of lights, the truth is it’s also full of pretty sizeable electric bills. In fact, according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, New York households paid around 45 percent more than the national average cost per kilowatt-hour of electricity. And that number only continues to rise as well—Energysage states that the costs for electricity have gone up by around 15 percent in the last 10 years, and it’s “highly unlikely” that that trend will reverse itself anytime soon.

In response, auto manufacturer Tesla has been forced to raise prices on the cost of their supercharger stations. Tesla is unique in that these supercharger stations are installed around the country, allowing vehicle owners to top off their batteries while out of the house, similar to visiting a fuel pump. Only instead of filling your tank with fuel, it fills the car’s batteries with energy, delivered at an extremely rapid pace. In fact, a supercharger is capable of filling the battery in a Tesla Model S to 50 percent charge in as little as 20 minutes. Tesla then charges customers by the kilowatt hour.

For years, this meant topping off your battery was a significant savings over the average price of regular fuel, which was one of the benefits of switching over to a Tesla. However, the company recently opted to increase their nationwide charging cost from 23 cents per kWh to 31 cents. When you consider that a Model S battery has a capacity as high as 100 kilowatt hours, you can see how that sudden increase in cost would anger owners.

The increase has since been reined in, with the cost back down to 28 cents per kilowatt hour, but Tesla has expressed that the cost structure for charging could be on the verge of changing soon. With energy costs varying greatly across the country, Tesla has plans for setting prices based on local energy rates and prices.

What does that mean for us here in New York and New Jersey? It means Tesla owners could soon find themselves paying higher rates than ever before. The cost of driving could increase, and even start to approach the cost of a traditional gasoline engine, which will likely cause owners to continue to ask the same questions they did before: am I really saving any money?

Solar Charging Your Tesla Vehicle

For this reason, solar is an even more attractive option for Tesla owners, especially those who do the majority of their charging at home. Because Tesla vehicles use an abundance of electricity to operate from day to day, the cost of energy to power these vehicles can get expensive, especially in an area like New York and New Jersey, which already suffers from some of the highest energy rates in the country.

However, switching to solar can help negate this cost. By generating energy using the power of the sun, you can power your home and your appliances and even charge your electric vehicle, all while reducing your dependence on the local energy grid.

The secret? A home battery storage solution. These storage devices charge when your panels are producing at peak power and save the energy for later, when energy rates are at their highest and the sun is no longer providing you with energy. By using a battery storage system combined with your solar energy system, you can charge your electric vehicle with the power of the sun and avoid having to pay the costly fees of topping off at a charging station.

And here’s the best part: because the cost of energy is so much higher, and only slated to keep going up, charging your vehicle and keeping your home powered with solar energy can help your entire system pay for itself even faster. By relying more on solar energy which you generated, you’ll avoid costly grid power as much as possible. That savings each month contributes toward the cost of installing your system. After just a few short years, the savings alone will pay for the cost of your home battery storage and solar panel system, and you’ll continue to save even more after that!

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