How 'Game of Thrones' Is a Brutal Wake-Up Call to Climate Change


The popular television series Game of Thrones will unquestionably go down as one of the largest television events in history. For eight seasons, it captivated our minds and our hearts with stories of bravery, betrayal, political intrigue, and survival, featuring larger-than-life characters and fantastic beasts like dragons and direwolves. For years, the show’s tagline was “Winter Is Coming,” and perhaps no other aspect of the show did more to bring to life one of the overarching messages the series offered about our lives today: the climate is changing, and a climate catastrophe is coming unless we do whatever we can to prepare for and stop it.

At its heart, Game of Thrones was always a story about who would rise to power and come to rule over the Seven Kingdoms, the primary setting of the story, but there was always a growing problem lingering in the background: the Night King and his army of zombie-like White Walkers was creeping its way ever closer to the territory’s doorstep, threatening destruction, death, and a never-ending winter. There may not be a better metaphor for the looming threat of climate change in modern media.

Despite the warnings of young Jon Snow, who witnessed the horror of the Night King and what destruction he can bring for himself, the rulers of the Seven Kingdoms instead continued their squabbles and fight for power and influence over the world. Much like today’s world leaders who often do nothing more than pay lip service to the growing threat of climate change, the problem continues to grow, despite the warnings of scientists and predicted data.

In today’s world, just the top 20 carbon-emitting countries produce an incredible 75 percent of all carbon emissions, a staggering number which demonstrates the immense impact that much of the developed world has on the planet itself. However, Game of Thrones also tells the story of how the Children and the First Men, the ancient forefathers of the characters in the show, once banded together to defeat the White Walkers and create a world they could live in. That same metaphor can apply today.

Technological advancements have made combatting climate change more possible and financially-feasible than ever before. Zero-emission electric cars are now for sale at prices comparable to their gasoline-powered counterparts, and many people all across the state are choosing to purchase these vehicles to save money and save emissions. Governments, including those in both New Jersey and New York, are adopting aggressive green energy and renewable energy portfolios, pushing their municipalities to ditch carbon-emitting methods of generating power in favor of clean sources like wind and hydroelectricity. Those who are passionate about the cause are adopting zero-carbon lifestyles, doing everything they can to eliminate any carbon emissions from anything they do and everywhere they go.

However, one of most effective ways we can combat climate change in our daily lives is by switching our homes over to renewable sources like solar. Solar harnesses the power of the sun, turning previously uncollected energy that simply pelted the surface of the earth into clean, useable electricity. This reduces your dependence on the public grid, which means a further reduced dependence on fossil fuels for power. Those who produce an excess amount of power with their panels can even help others with their dependence by sending that unused energy to the grid and even making money back in the process.

New York and New Jersey are both extremely friendly states when it comes to making the switch to solar. Plus, the federal solar investment tax credit, which is available in full through the end of this year, allows you to claim up to 30 percent of the total cost of your solar installation as a credit on your tax return, offering you an even greater savings on your investment today in your future and the future of the planet as a whole.

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