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This holiday season, people everywhere will begin the annual scramble to find the best gifts for their friends, family, and loved ones. However, while online shopping will more than likely once again reign supreme, we here at SunPower by Sea Bright Solar like to encourage all of our customers to shop small and support the small businesses that make our community the wonderful place that it is. Whether it’s a small shop with unique gifts or a local restaurant that supports the owner and their family, these businesses all depend on customers to keep their doors open. In many cases, these small businesses may have the perfect, thoughtful gift you’ve been looking for.

However, SunPower by Sea Bright Solar wants to be more than just a supporter for local businesses—we’re a partner they can depend on. As a business owner, you need allies and partners who can help you improve your business and run a better, more efficient operation. How do we do this? With the power of clean, renewable energy.

Small Businesses & Overhead Costs

As a business owner, overhead costs are one of those hurdles you simply can’t get away from. As the old saying goes, “You have to spend money to make money,” and that spending is usually found in the form of overhead costs. This includes things like equipment, rent, and the unavoidable expense of monthly utility bills. You need electricity to keep the lights on, computers running, displays operating, and your heating and cooling system pumping air that keeps your customers and employees comfortable, and that can add up rather substantially. While it’s possible to make small changes to how much you’re spending on energy, odds are you’re not going to be able to make the drastic change necessary to steeply cut your monthly energy costs.

However, switching to solar can do just that. Solar energy systems provide you with the power you need by generating it right from your rooftop or parking lot, saving you a substantial amount of money on your overhead costs. With a solar energy system, you’ll see your margins increase, profitability rise, and even see your business grow faster than it ever did before.

How to Bring Solar to Your Business

One of the most common things we hear from business owners is that they simply can’t afford to switch to solar. While many would like to do it because it will not only cut down on their overhead and give them a good energy score that they can display to the community, few think they have the available capital to make that investment. There’s good news for those who believe they may be in this situation: there are a variety of ways you can bring the power of solar energy to your business without the seemingly high price tag.

Power Purchase Agreements

What if you could get solar for your business without a single penny coming out of your pocket? This is how you can. In a power purchase agreement, your solar installer will completely fund the installation and ongoing maintenance of your solar energy system. In exchange, you’ll purchase the power that this solar energy system produces. These agreements typically last anywhere from 15 to 25 years and can shave a huge percentage off your monthly costs.

How does this save you money on your energy costs? Because the energy purchased through a purchase power agreement is only a fraction of the cost of energy from the public grid. New York and New Jersey both have some of the highest energy rates in the country, and the power that you buy from a purchase power agreement will be significantly cheaper and more stable. For the entire duration of your purchase power agreement, you’ll see your overhead costs plummet and you won’t have to worry about the stress or strain of maintaining your solar energy system. Will your electric bill disappear in this case? No. However, it will drop significantly and you don’t need any additional capital upfront to get started.

Commercial Financing Options

Are you interested in owning your solar panels? Who wouldn’t be? Once they are paid off, you’ll own the panels and all of the energy they produce. With a special loan designed for commercial customers, you could bring the power of solar to your business without any change in your day to day operations.

Look at it this way: rather than buying all of your energy from the public grid, you’ll make a monthly payment on your solar energy system. These payments are uniform, stable, and predictable. You’ll only have to purchase grid power during low-light days and if you operate during darkness hours. That means you could see your electric bill from the public utility all but disappear, instead allowing you to make a payment on your solar energy equipment. Once the equipment is paid off, you’ll enjoy dramatically reduced energy costs for years in the future!

Interested in switching your business over to solar? Learn how with a consultation from one of the commercial solar experts at SunPower by Sea Bright Solar! Dial (732) 253-4052 to request a quote today.

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We want our customers to feel confident that they have made the right decision when they choose to work with us. Our friendly, highly trained professionals always put the needs of our customers first, answering any questions they have throughout the lifespan of their solar system.

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