Going Green in NY & NJ

Advantages to Becoming a Green-Certified Business

Today’s businesses face many challenges, but going green is not one of them. Incorporating sustainability into your everyday practices is now commonplace and for good reason. Not only does it protect our environment for generations to come, it can also benefit you now through a number of incentives.

If you become a green-certified business in New York or New Jersey, you may be able to receive the following benefits:

  • Personal tax credit: You can earn a tax credit of up to $2 million per building and distributed over 5 years if you are the owner or tenant of an eligible building or space. Projects must meet certain "green" standards. Discover the specifics of NJ tax incentives and NY tax incentives today.
  • Property tax incentives: You may receive a years-long property tax exemption for solar and energy systems constructed in New York State.
  • State rebate program: Under the New York Energy $mart Program, the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority offers several different funding options for companies.
  • Utility rebate programs: Several utility companies in New York offer rebates for businesses which practice energy efficiency and conservation.
  • Industry recruitment and support: Eligible clean energy businesses can grow and develop new markets through new or expanded activities in New York.
  • Economic recovery funding: There are many energy-related funding opportunities authorized through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA).

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