SunPower® Equinox™ Solar Systems in New Jersey & New York

Providing SunPower® Equinox™ Residential Solar Solutions

Sea Bright Solar is a proud installer of SunPower® Equinox™, the only all-in-one home solar system designed to work perfectly from sun to switch. With the strongest and most attractive panels available, the Equinox system is built for efficiency and durability with 70% less visible parts, resting seamlessly on your roof.

SunPower Equinox

From solar cell to software, SunPower Equinox systems are more reliable, more efficient, and more attractive than conventional solar power systems.

Features Include:

  • Copper-backed solar cells. The Equinox system features solar cells designed with solid copper backing and unique light-trapping surfaces to capture more sunlight over longer periods of time.
  • Global-record efficiency rates. The system generates 70% more energy than conventional solar systems.
  • Proprietary InvisiMount® frame. The system's best-in-class aesthetics come from a design that can be completely hidden.
  • Built-in microinverters. Each panel features built-in microinverters for power optimization and conversion at the source, maximizing power while minimizing shading and light disruptions.
  • EnergyLink™ system. The EnergyLink™ system provides data on the production of your solar system in real time. It also uses Smart Energy tools so you can manage your energy profile.
  • Comprehensive warranty. There's a 25-year warranty on the panels, microinverters, and mounting hardware of the Equinox system. The monitoring hardware has a 10-year warranty.

Benefits of SunPower® Equinox™

At Sea Bright Solar, our team of experts uses only the latest solar technology and equipment for all solar installations and services in New Jersey and New York. SunPower® Equinox™ offers a number of great benefits, which we list below.

  • Highly Efficient: The Equinox system is extremely efficient, and is able to generate more power in less space.
  • Sleek Design: Another great thing about the Equinox system that users love is its state-of-the-art, sleek and minimalist design. This way you can say goodbye to all unnecessary hardware or utility boxes that solar panels may typically come with.
  • Backup Power: With the Equinox system, users are able to add energy storage in order to have a backup during power outages. This can also help to reduce expensive peak-time expenses.
  • High Durability: TheSunPower® Equinox™ panel is ranked #1 in worldwide when it comes to durability and performance.

SunPower Equinox

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